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Hello and welcome to my site. I'm D. T. Adams, an anonymous writer living in England. I self-published my first novel, No Going Back, through Amazon KDP in 2020. Since then, I've released another nine e-books and have got many more lined up.

Feel free to have a look round and discover what my e-books are all about.

E-books by D. T. Adams

No Going Back e-book by D. T. Adams

No Going Back

Delve into the mind of a paranoid novelist who's terrified of becoming famous. No Going Back is a slow burner of a novel about Brian Weathers, a writer who’s had his fair share of success. However, he’s always avoided fame at any costs and prefers to remain out of the spotlight. So what’s going to happen when a single photo threatens his precious anonymity?

Download No Going Back here

No Going Back is the first novel in a series of two. The second instalment, No Going Back: My Time, will be coming out in 2022.

Visit the No Going Back - FAQs page to find out more about the novel.

Dog Flight and Other Short Horror Stories cover

Dog Flight and Other Short Horror Stories

A collection of seven short horror stories. Encounter a painter who wants to capture beauty at any cost, a sinister being with a twisted hunger for human flesh, a foolish time traveller who makes a life-changing mistake and more...

Download Dog Flight and Other Short Horror Stories here

Terror In Brief: 200 Two-Sentence Horror Stories e-book by D. T. Adams

Terror in Brief: 200 Two-Sentence Horror Stories

Each horror story in this e-book is just two sentences long. Though the stories are very short, they may still give you the creeps. Have a read for some bite-sized scares and you'll encounter sadistic people, unexplainable phenomena and more...

Download Terror In Brief: 200 Two-Sentence Horror Stories here.

Love In Brief: 200 Two-Sentence Romance Stories e-book by D. T. Adams

Love in Brief: 200 Two-Sentence Romance Stories

Each romance story in this e-book is just two sentences long. From tumultuous relationships to navigating the dating scene, these very short stories cover just about everything to do with love. 

Download Love in Brief: 200 Two-Sentence Romance Stories here.

Viral e-book by D. T. Adams


COVID-19 continues to have long-lasting effects on the world. The pieces of writing in this collection cover three related themes: Lockdown, The Government and The Media. The first looks at life under strict rules, the second questions the decisions of those in charge and the third asks whether the media is helping matters or making things worse. 

Download Viral here.

Viral: Moving On e-book by D. T. Adams

Viral: Moving On

This is the follow-up to Viral and is another collection of writings about COVID-19. It’s split into three parts: Post-Lockdown, Lessons and The Future. The first is all about life after lockdown, the second ponders lessons we can learn from the pandemic and the third looks at how we’ll approach the future.

Download Viral: Moving On here.

A Region of Reverie e-book by D. T. Adams

A Region of Reverie

The Lake District is the focus of this short collection of poems and other pieces of writing. The e-book is split into three sections. The first looks at the raw, natural beauty of the place. The second focuses on its ability to evoke change in people. The third and final one is about the effects that tourism is having on the place. 

Download A Region of Reverie here.

Wine Not? e-book by D. T. Adams

Wine Not

Getting drunk is what this collection of poems is all about. Join the main character as he embarks on a night out and see what he has to say about it the following morning.

Download Wine Not? here.

The sequel, Wine Not Have One More?, will be coming out later this year.

Sweet and Sour e-book by D. T. Adams

Sweet and Sour

Love is something we all experience. In this e-book, discover a range of poems about love, being in a relationship and being single. Some of the poems are optimistic and positive, while others are a bit more negative, but still relatable.

Download Sweet and Sour here.

Not So Festive e-book by D. T. Adams

Not So Festive

Sick of Christmas? Me too. In this short e-book, I rant about various aspects to do with the biggest day of the year, from advent calendars on shop shelves in September, to having to spend time with people you’re not bothered about. 

Download Not So Festive here.

Presents for Raymond short story

Presents for Raymond

Every year the Pearson family leaves out a Christmas present for Raymond, the child who was never born. When the tradition is disrupted and Raymond’s present is opened first for a change, weird occurrences start happening.

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Release Schedule

Below is a tentative schedule for new e-books by D. T. Adams. Dates for unpublished e-books are yet to be confirmed.

New e-books in 2022

Release date to be confirmed

Dress Like Janey and Other Short Horror Stories

Another collection of short horror stories.

Release date to be confirmed

Wine Not Have One More?

The sequel to Wine Not?.

Late 2022

No Going Back: My Time

The sequel to No Going Back. Brian enacts his plan, but will it succeed? And what's his ultimate goal?

New e-books in 2023 and beyond

Release date to be confirmed

The Leaf Kicker

A novel about health and safety and political correctness gone mad.

 Release date to be confirmed

The Decision Trevor Made

A novella about a gambling addict who makes a deal with a demon.

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