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D. T. Adam's e-books are listed below. There are many more to come!


This collection of writings looks at COVID-19 and the huge effects it’s had on the world. The collection is split into three parts: Lockdown, The Government and The Media. The first looks at life under strict rules, the second questions the decisions of those in charge and the third asks whether the media’s helping matters or making things worse.

Download Viral from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

The second instalment, Viral: Moving On, will be coming out in April 2021.

No Going Back

These days, everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame. Brian Weathers doesn’t. He's a novelist and he's actually quite successful. The thing is, he doesn't want to become famous at all. In fact, he's only told six people he's got books published. So what's going to happen when a photo threatens to out him to the world? However will he cope?

Download No Going Back from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

No Going Back is the first novel in a series of two. The second instalment, No Going Back: My Time, will be coming out in 2022.

A Region of Reverie

In this collection of writings, D. T. Adams looks at the Lake District and how beautiful, inspirational and popular it is. The pieces in the collection are a reflection of what the Lake District is like today: a place of undeniable beauty that continues to evoke change in people, with parts that are becoming overrun with tourists.

Download A Region of Reverie from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

Release Schedule for 2021

Below is a tentative schedule for new e-books by D. T. Adams. Dates for unpublished e-books are yet to be confirmed.

New e-books in 2021

28 March

Viral - out now!

A collection of writings about COVID-19 covering lockdown, the government and the media.

Late April

Viral: Moving On

Another collection of writings about COVID-19. This one covers post-lockdown, lessons learnt and the future.

Release date to be confirmed


A collection of writings about relationships and friendships.

Release date to be confirmed

The Decision Trevor Made

A novella about a gambling addict who makes a deal with a demon.

Release date to be confirmed

Short Stories Volume I

Short stories about a paradoxical barber, a desert monster and more.

New e-books in 2022 and beyond

Release date to be confirmed

No Going Back: My Time

The sequel to No Going Back. Brian enacts his plan, but will it succeed? And what's his ultimate goal?

Release date to be confirmed

The Leaf Kicker

A novel about health and safety and political correctness gone mad.

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