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About Me

I'm an independent writer living in England. I publish my e-books under the pen name D. T. Adams. Why use a pen name? Because I want to remain anonymous. In short, it's my writing I want to put out there, not myself. This is why you won't find any photos of me, or any personal details.

Writing is a beloved hobby of mine. It's something I hope to turn into a career. I already have several e-books published and there are loads more to come. Even if I don't end up making a living from this, I shall still endeavour to write and publish.

If you've supported me and my D. T. Adams e-books in any way, thank you very much.

I have ideas for many more e-books. They range in theme and subject-matter, but what they all have in common is that they get you thinking about contemporary issues.

What Do I Write About?

Most of my writing is contemporary fiction. My e-books reflect on the world we live in today and encourage the reader to think about things from new perspectives. This is why my tagline is 'Writing to make you think'.

Here's what each of my e-books gets you thinking about:

  • No Going Back (a novel) - Society's obsession with fame, celebrities, the internet and social media. A person's right to anonymity in a world where privacy is under threat.

  • A Region of Reverie (a collection of poetry) - How a beautiful place can bring about changes in people. Whether an excess of tourism is beneficial or damaging.

  • Viral (pieces of writing about the pandemic) - The world's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. What roles the government and the media have played in leading us through it.

  • Terror in Brief: 200 Two-Sentence Horror Stories (a collection of very short horror stories) - How all sorts of things can instil fear and how just two sentences can tell a story. 

  • Viral: Moving On (pieces of writing about the pandemic) - What life has been after lockdown, what lessons we can learn from the experience and how we approach a post-COVID future.

  • Not So Festive (rants about Christmas) - How overrated and overhyped Christmas Day is, and how it's far too big for what it actually is.

  • Wine Not? (poems about a drunken night out) - How alcohol affects your personality and gets you thinking about who you really are.

  • Sweet and Sour (poems about love and relationships) - The nature of love and relationships, and how both of them affect us.

As you can see, I've self-published one full-length novel and several shorter works. Going forward, I plan on releasing e-books of varying lengths, from novels and novellas, to short stories and poetry collections.

What Are My Long-Term Goals?

I have two long-term goals and they're pretty straightforward:

  • To have lots of people enjoy reading my e-books

  • To make money from selling e-books online

Anyone can go online and self-publish, which is great. However, the e-book market is very saturated and it's increasingly difficult for writers, especially new ones starting right at the bottom, to gain attention.

This Is Where You Come In

If you can support me and my D. T. Adams brand by downloading even just one of my e-books, that would be greatly appreciated. Occasionally, my e-books are discounted or even completely free. To find out about promotional sales and free giveaways, subscribe to my newsletter.