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No Going Back - FAQs

'Tell me, what does the Second World have of you?'

What is No Going Back About?

No Going Back is a contemporary novel about a paranoid novelist who’s terrified of becoming famous. It’s set in contemporary Britain and its main character is Brian Weathers. He’s been successful in his career and has released several books. The thing is, he knows that these days it’s possible for anyone to become famous for any reason. Since his books have sold quite well, he has reason to be famous and could be a recognisable public figure if he wanted. However, he’s always taken steps to avoid becoming famous. Why? Because he knows that fame isn’t something you can control. Thanks to the internet and social media, all it takes is one photo to turn an unknown into a somebody. If Brian makes himself known and puts himself out there, there’s no telling how much his fame and recognition could increase – it’s a risk he doesn’t want to take.

Ultimately, No Going Back is a critique of the way things are these days. Its main character offers views, opinions and beliefs that are different from the norm. The novel proposes that today’s system of becoming famous and the concept of celebrity are, frankly, overrated. It’s very much a story about one man fighting society and refusing to conform.

What Type of Novel Is No Going Back?

No Going Back is an introspective novel told from Brian's first-person perspective. It's largely about his thoughts, opinions and beliefs – it essentially focuses on the way he views today's world – though there’s some action too. In terms of pacing, it’s more of a slow burner. Some significant things happen to Brian, but there’s a lot of breathing space where Brian reflects on things and tries to figure out what to do next.

Without giving too much away, the narrative includes several dream sequences where we get a closer look at how Brian interprets the celebrity-obsessed world of today. There are also some shorter scenes where Brian imagines various outlandish things happening. Both the dreams and the imaginings add more vibrancy and variety to the story, and they let the reader get to know and understand Brian a bit better.

What Are the Novel's Themes?

No Going Back focuses on topical themes such as fame, celebrities, the internet and social media. These are things that many people accept and welcome into their lives without question. Brian routinely criticises and mocks them, questioning their importance and worth. He sees himself as being at odds with the rest of the world. To him, it seems like everyone’s comfortable with the way the world is and how easy it is for someone to become famous. Yet he’s not comfortable with this. He’s paranoid and worried, for he knows that there’s demand for him to be a public figure since his books are successful.

Why Is the Novel Called No Going Back?

The novel's title refers to the idea that once you're famous, you can't undo things. Once you become a celebrity, you can't ever going back to being just a face in the crowd, so to speak. This is because there will always be some level of interest in you. Fame can increase or decrease, but it can never go away completely. These days, just about everyone who is famous has some sort of internet presence. The thing is, the internet doesn't forget anything or anyone. If you upload any sort of content, it’s there forever and can be consumed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Brian understands that once you acquire fame, you can’t get rid of it. Most people want it, but few appreciate its true nature and just how life-changing it can really be. They don’t realise that fame is something you can’t just switch off; it’s always there, always capable of growing and affecting your life in ways you can’t control.

What Was the Inspiration Behind the Novel?

No Going Back was inspired by my own desire to remain anonymous and private in a world that’s becoming increasingly interconnected. I wanted to write a novel that rejects popular aspects of contemporary life such as the concept of celebrity and the power of the internet, but does so for a purpose. That purpose is to encourage the reader to question whether these things are really beneficial to our lives.Below are some of the questions a reader may ask himself or herself when reading No Going Back:

  • Is it healthy to be obsessed with social media?

  • Is it right to pursue fame?

  • Is the internet making things too easy for us?

  • Is it acceptable for society to treat celebrities better?

Many people these days pursue fame. However, fame can come to those who don’t want it. Even if you’re not trying to become recognisable, you can still end up having strangers know who you are. A key part of Brian’s character is his paranoia. He knows that even if you actively avoid becoming famous, that isn’t enough; anyone can become recognisable for any reason, whether they like it or not. Brian’s paranoid side was inspired by my wish to remain private and anonymous in a society that seemingly wants everyone to be willing to accept fame.

What Is the Meaning Behind the Cover?

The novel’s cover is an image showing a wall of paparazzi. They’re taking photos of someone using cameras that produce bright, flashing lights. Why did I choose this particular image? Because it represents Brian’s worst nightmare: himself in front of a group of people taking photo after photo of him. This is the last scenario he wants for himself. It’s something he’s desperately trying to prevent.

Will There Be a Sequel?

Yes there will be. It's going to be called No Going Back: My Time and it will be coming out in 2022. Probably later on in the year, to be honest. Right now, there aren’t any plans for more instalments in the No Going Back series after the second. By the end of No Going Back: My Time, Brian's story will be sufficiently concluded.

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Is Brian Based on the Author?

In a way, yes. He’s a lot like me in that he’s a thinker and doesn’t just take things at face value. He’s selective about what he accepts into life and doesn’t necessarily want everything society is prepared to give him. However, some of his traits, including the way he sees celebrity-related things, are exaggerated to make the novel more interesting and engaging.

Who Is No Going Back Aimed At?

When writing No Going Back, I didn’t have a particular demographic in mind. The novel should appeal to anyone who wants different opinions on contemporary society, especially with regard to fame and celebrities. You should find the novel interesting and worth reading if you’re looking to get to know a character who’s different from most other people and isn’t afraid to reject or fight against many key aspects of today’s society.

Will I Enjoy Reading No Going Back?

The only way to find out is by reading No Going Back yourself. Download it from or and see what you make of it. If you enjoy reading it, feel free to leave a rating and review. All feedback is greatly appreciated.